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Mr. G Propane is your


Full Propane Installations & Conversions

From cooking delicious meals, to heating your water, your home, and drying your clothes....


Propane has a lot to offer you and your family and so does Mr. G Propane.  A home with all propane appliances provides your family with the utmost comfort and ease.  You’ll also enjoy greater efficiency and energy savings compared with all-electric homes. The beauty of an all-propane home is that the more appliances and systems you have that run on propane, the bigger the benefits!  So if you are in the process of building your new dream home or remodeling your current home, replacing or converting or your electric appliances to propane, or if you plan to open up a restaurant or business, call Mr. G's to answer all your propane needs!

Full Propane Installations & Conversions
Propane & Propane Accessories

Propane & Propane Accessories

Mr. G Propane stocks and maintains a complete inventory of propane equipment, repair parts, appliances and LP Gas related products for home, industry and agriculture. Our extensive inventory allows us to better satisfy our customers' needs in a timely manner. 


And our bulk storage facilities located in two separate locations, upper valley and mid-valley, guarantee a steady supply of propane to the Rio Grande Valley, even during the coldest of winters.


Stationary (AG & AG/UG)



All propane tanks, whether buried underground (UG) or located above ground (AG or AG/UG), are inherently safe.  In the unlikely event of a release of gas, propane is not harmful to soil or water, plus there are strict controls and codes set forth by the Railroad Commission of Texas that govern a tank's placement.  (More information can be found at

Discounts & More

Discounts & more...

Veterans' Discounts

For those who served & sacrificed!




Earn Free Gas!

If you're ready to build your own home, remodel your existing home, or you plan to open up a business, our company representatives at

956-581-1063 or 956-262-3772 are ready

to speak with you and answer all your propane related questions!


For more information on setting up a quote or gas delivery, and

for details on GREAT discounts, call Mr. G Propane!

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